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Love, Virtually

by Chloe Whitehorn

-"Engaging... Surprisingly insightful... Fringe Favorite" --Torontoist


-"Chloë Whitehorn’s script is choc full of pithy observations and topical humour about online dating. Some of the funniest moments come when actors line up on stage as real-life versions of dating site archetypes; the nerd, the outdoor enthusiast, the jock and the suave cultural sophisticate.While the show has the light, airy feel of a rom-com, it’s also surprisingly layered. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of depth and character development as well as the way the show explores deeper themes like coming to terms with loss in a really insightful way.” --Wayne Leung (Mooney on Theatre)


-“Playwright Chloe Whitehorn successfully landed a good smack on the face of Facebook and poked sharp wit-licked arrows into the belly of social media.... While humour overrides the performance, there is profound sadness in the gentle scenes with Noah after the coffee shop closes that elicit big heart pangs for the love that was meant to be. Whitehorn carefully extracts the vulnerabilities of all the characters, and expertly showcases the fondue effect love has on us.” --Jules Torti (Alphbet Soup)


-"Sometimes, a play comes along that I find so entirely enjoyable that I simply have to tell everyone I know about it. I walk away from the climax with an overwhelming desire to write, to emulate what I've just seen, to put to words the sheer delight that resulted from the experience. Such a play is Chloe Whitehorn's Love, Virtually. I can best summarize my opinion of this work in the words I near-shouted outside the theatre: "Hot-DAMN was that good!" Here is a production that features a fantastic script, the perfect cast, and heartfelt direction." --Tim Ford review


-"Great combo of funny and poignant." --Cathy McKim (A Life with More Cowbell)

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