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For more information on acquiring production rights for these plays, please contact the playwright​ or the
Playwrights Guild of Canada

Blood River

Drama, 3F 

As women's rights are stripped away in the over turning of Roe v Wade, the choices three women make become life-altering. Blood River explores how the changing law and shifting power dynamics affect women's agency and the impact on all human rights. Where abortion is illegal and the line between religion and law has blurred to non-existence, Karen rows a boat across the river to a different "state" where women are not prosecuted for putting their lives ahead of their unborn children. Cybelle has spent her whole life buying into the beliefs and rules set for her by her religious/conservative parents until her circumstances force her to question everything. Diane is Cybelle's mother and former high school friend of Karen desperate to save her child from the circumstances she herself has cultivated. As Emily Dickenson wrote: "We grow accustomed to the dark, when Light is put away."

Mourning After the Night Before 

​Drama, 3F 2M

      When a family moves to a small coastal town to recover from a tragedy, they struggle to rediscover who they are and if they're worth saving. Lucy doesn't know who she is anymore. Everett is falling in love. Drew has lost so much already. Fenwick is just trying to keep her family afloat. And Pippa, well Pippa is drowning. 

Mourning After the Night Before explores the rippling impact of loss and the repercussions of drowning in every way a person can drown.

Dressing Amelia

Drama, 3F 1M
      A daughter struggles to reconcile the past she thought she knew with a wardrobe full of roles to try on. Upstairs Amelia is still angry with her mother and refuses to leave her childhood room because she doesn't have anything appropriate to wear. Downstairs her grandmother is entertaining the guests who have arrived while Thomas and Grace indulge Amelia's retrospection on her childhood. Sometimes it's just a dress and sometimes it's so much more.

Divine Wrecks

Drama, 3F 3M

     There are many different types of love: first love, true love, obsessive love, and that other type of love. A high school god falls for the wrong girl. His teacher. A modern take on a classic story, this dark tale of heart break and revelations explores the nature of love without boundaries.

The Pigeon

Drama, 2F 1M

      What could Jegger, a young punk, and Malone, a past middle-aged woman, possibly have in common? Drawn together by their mutual hatred for the woman who damaged them both, they plot her destruction. Some say revenge is bittersweet, and sometimes it’s like a box of chocolates.​​

Clarissa on her Deathbed

Full length dramatic comedy, 2F 1M

     Clarissa’s world of make believe is a place where archeologists uncover magical birthday presents, tea is served to avoid talk show tragedies, Russian spies reveal their feelings in finger paintings, and stuffed animal bunny rabbits protect your darkest secrets. A coming of age story about the resilience of children and their ability to believe in fairy tales and ‘happily ever after’ in the face of real life.

Love, Virtually ​ 
Full length dramatic comedy, 3F 4M

      A play about our storybook romance expectations and how real life struggles to live up to the fantasy lives we've created for ourselves. It's like Shrodinger's cat. As long as you stick to online dating without really getting to know someone, you're perfect together without actually being in a relationship.

*Best of Fringe (Toronto)

Verona Heights  

Full length comedic drama, min 10F 8M

      A love story, a comedy, and a glimpse into the tragic possibilities of high school violence and hate. Romeo and Juliet for a modern audience.


The Fall After Midsummer   
One-act comedic drama, 1F 1M 

     Tania and Ron's fairytale romance was like a dream, until it wasn't. Ron needs help, Tania's over it, and Nick has lost his head over it all.

The Frank Diary of Anne   

​One-act comedic drama, 1F 

      A love story filled with humor and a tragic look at life seen through the eyes of a girl whose heart broke society’s rules. One girl's thoughts on lost love, family tragedy, and YouTube.

​​The Deepest Trench   
One-act comedic drama, 2F 1M 

     An almost love story about the ways we protect the people we love, trench warfare as a version of a fairy tale ending, and a pair of ducks.

The List  
One-act verbatim dramatic comedy​, min 4F

      Real women. Real voices. Real lists.


Waltzing With Puppets
​One-act Drama, 1F 1M

When searching for the man of your dreams, why would you marry someone who reminded you of the man in your nightmares?

Confessions of a Vigilante
​One-act Comedy, 1F 

A vigilante and a priest solve the world's problems in one night.

Work in Progress

How to Not Die Horribly in a Fire

Comedic Monologue, 1F

     Claire has just been proposed to. As she considers her response she reflects on advice her mother gave her in an ice cream shop, her gold star rating system for men, and how likely she is to die in a fire.

Voyeur Seeking Audience

Ten-minute drama, 1F 5F/M
      When Jamie brings friends to see Zanna's performance art they all see something different. But what does it mean, and does it have to mean something or can it just entertain, and does art imitate life or is life art, in which case who is the audience, and WTF is art really anyways?


Ten-minute drama, 3F 1M

      Elizabeth's bedroom mirrors show every threat of impending wrinkles and reflect the carefree youth she wasted on a man. How can she live in the moment when the future looks bleak and the past is so seductive?

*Winner Spotlight Award True Acting Institute Best 10 Minute Plays 2019

Hurricane Tails

Ten-minute comedy, 1F 1M

     Carol and Doug face the reality of their relationship in the midst of a hurricane.

Wasting Time

Ten-minute drama, 2M/F
      Ford hates his job. He hates his life. He wants the life he could have had, if only he could figure out what went wrong and what happened on that day that turned him into who he is. A journey through alternate timelines with fate altering consequences.


Lei in Love's Shadow

Fifteen-minute drama, 2F 1M

     Inspired by William Shakespeare’s sonnet 43 and set in the Victorian bedroom of historic Montgomery’s Inn. Mark brings the two women he loves to a theme hotel for a memorable romantic weekend with unexpected results.


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