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Blood River

by Chloe Whitehorn

Theatre Kingston

October 25-November 12, 2023

Baby Grand Theatre, Kingston

Directed by Rosemary Doyle

"Chloe Whitehorn’s masterpiece Blood River... the script is intelligent from start to finish, with comedic relief sprinkled in at all the right moments." --Cassidy McMackon, QUEEN'S JOURNAL

"provocative and passionate... Whitehorn’s original new work is deep, rich, smart and involved...the language and words are striking and impactful, and the lines undeniably land best when the dialogue is clear and crisp and delivered with punch." --Will Britton, KINGSTON WHIG STANDARD

"Blood River is a riveting play written by Kingston-based playwright Chloë Whitehorn...Whitehorn was able to craft the play in a way so the story comes first but is always centred around the central theme of choice and what that means. She also did it in a way which takes both perspectives in a fair and well-conceived manner... I am delighted I was able to experience this well-thought-out play...It touches on and challenges so-called “taboo” topics in a fantastic way and helped me look at these issues in a new light which I loved...Blood River is a beautifully executed play." -- Stefan D'Ippolito, KINGSTON THEATRE ALLIANCE

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