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Dressing Amelia ghost.jpg

Dressing Amelia

by Chloe Whitehorn

Drama, 3F 1M
A daughter struggles to reconcile the past she thought she knew with a wardrobe full of roles to try on. Upstairs Amelia is still angry with her mother and refuses to leave her childhood room because she doesn't have anything appropriate to wear. Downstairs her grandmother is entertaining the guests who have arrived while Thomas and Grace indulge Amelia's retrospection on her childhood. Amelia's missed some things over the years, including her mom’s questionable relationship with her high school neighbor. In a dizzying journey of crayons, circus acts and lavender martinis, Dressing Amelia is a lovingly penned letter for the mothers and daughters seeking to connect through states of mania and inherited trauma. Sometimes it's just a dress and sometimes it's so much more.

Trigger warnings: mental health

"unflinchingly direct, engagingly mysterious, darkly funny & compelling" -- Cate McKim (Life With More Cowbell theatre reviews)

Bottle Tree Productions

May 30-June 15, 2024

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