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Mourning After the Night Before

by Chloe Whitehorn

Mad River Theatre

July 3-14, 2019

Toronto International Fringe Festival

Directed by Heather Keith

"Original, insightful, and moving." --Rachel Fagan, MOONEY ON THEATRE

"Chloë Whitehorn. Gah! Her writing is so damn good... I love how she uses language and how she paints the struggles we have to communicate... (T)he play unfolds beautifully with surprises and secrets revealed that I want people who see it to discover it on their own terms. I'd love to see it again now knowing how it ends to follow the bread crumbs...The play has a lyrical quality to it, much like bobbing on a tranquil lake while everything happens underneath where you can't see. The image is referred to frequently but it never feels like you're beaten over the head with it. Well done, Chloë!" --MK Piatkowski, ONE BIG UMBRELLA 

"Chloë Whitehorn’s haunting, lyrical Mourning After the Night Before... combines everyday, intimate moments with poetry, and word play and introspection; woven with images and perspectives of water, the characters float around, dive into and drown in their lives as they grasp and gasp for connection, identity and meaning. The water almost becomes a sixth character here." -- Cate McKim, LIFE WITH MORE COWBELL

"Chloe writes plays that are smart and complex (she doesn't dumb it down for audiences, because she *believes* in her audience's intelligence). She likes a sexy play. Ones that make you feel shy and gooey and giggly and oH Ma gAwDddddd. Her latest play, debuting at Toronto Fringe, is called Mourning After the Night Before. It is artsy (in all the good ways), tragic, thought-provoking and twisty."--Bunmi Adeoye

"An affecting piece" --Mimo Le Singe, GEEKS MEDIA

Alumnae Theatre New Ideas Festival (one act version)
March 21-25, 2018
Toronto ON

Directed by Heather Keith

"Loved Mourning After the Night Before! Beautifully and sensitively written and performed, it's haunting, darkly funny and mysterious." --Cate McKim, Life With More Cowbell


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