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The Frank Diary of Anne

by Chloe Whitehorn


"Fucking brilliant!" --Alvin Bennett, London Fringe Review

"engaging story" --Peter Janes, Theatre in London

"Clever and unpredictable" --Brian Houghton, London Fringe Review

"Chloe Ariane Whitehorn shows a good stage presence in this one hander." --Mark Killeen, The Beat Magazine

"Clever, funny and insightful...a brilliant piece of writing" --Jack Morton, London Fringe Review

"Her musings on love and loss are quietly amusing and along with her flights of tangential reasoning provide the high points of the show" --Dean Hall, The Beat Magazine​

"Powerful, well-acted and equally well-written (with an astonishing number of funny lines for a play on shockwaves from a suicide). Chloe Ariane Whitehorn really catches Anne's teenage voice and viewpoint. We alternate between Anne live and Anne's confessional YouTube videos--since Mom snoops in her diary but can't work the web, Anne says online what she can't write at home. A lot of Fringe shows are standup, improv, music, performance art, or circus, but "Diary" is full-on theatre, a play encompassing a whole life in under an hour. Moved me as a viewer, impressed me as a writer/performer. I'll be watching for more from her. When I review Fringe shows I have two readers in mind: mainly Fringe goers, but I try to include suggestions for improvement, for the playwright and actors. But for "Diary" I can't. Nothing I'd change at all." -Chris Wayan, San Francisco Review

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